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With Tim Martin Gleason on July 10th, 2010 in Atlanta!

With Michael Crawford on June 14th, 2009 in Long Beach!

"Angel of Music, guide and guardian, Grant to me your glory. Angel of Music, hide no longer. Come to me, strange Angel."

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I watched the entire trilogy of The Godfather! I watched Parts 1 through 3 this past week. Franc D’Ambrosio (former Phantom) played in Part 3! What a voice!!! He was the best thing about Part 3!

Cast change for Broadway!

I got a original Phantom of the Opera on Broadway playbill with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman from 1988 during Opening Month!!! It was very cheap and a great deal too!! I’ve always wanted a original Playbill from the show!

I finally framed my Phantom of the Opera US Tour Manager’s Note Prop from 2010! I found a beautiful shadow box at Wal-Mart that looks great!!! Shadow Boxes are AWESOME!

Wow where did you get your phantom music box?
angelofmusic98 angelofmusic98 Said:

I got it on ebay! It’s made by the SF Music Box Co.

My drawing of my favorite Phantom Tim Martin Gleason by my friend Laura-lee.

My Collection

My new frame for my watercolour drawing of Tim Martin Gleason as the Phantom by my friend Laura-lee.

Awesome song!!! Lana Del Rey is awesome!!!

My Phantom of the Opera - Journey to the Lair Shadow Music Box!!!

I love it!! It plays the overture to the show!!!